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Let me tell you about my motivation to found Arizona Health Coach, LLC.

I was born in the USA, and spent my teenage and early adult years in Australia. The experiences I received while there are what formed my inter-cultural interests which have turned out to be a large resource in effectively communicating with people from all walks of life and all parts of the world.

While in Australia, I enjoyed interacting with teenagers as a high school art teacher and some degree of "notoriety" as an exhibiting artist. It is a wonderful thing to allow people to discover other perspectives on life events in a way that is helpful to them, which my teaching and art allowed me to do.

The move back to the USA came when my husband attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa. Seeing people who came to his office go through healing that encompassed more than just the physics of a chiropractic adjustment intrigued me. That all lead me on a path which included modeling an Irish touch healer, Finnbar Nolan, and becoming certified to train Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis, amongst others.

I was fortunate enough to found my personal and professional development training and coaching company SGB & Associates in Pittsford, NY, where I lived for 15 years. Through SGB & Associates, I provided private, public and corporate training sessions in the USA, Canada, England, Argentina, Bali Indonesia, Mexico and the Caribbean as well as being a guest speaker for many organizations, and radio shows. Although I closed SGB & Associates when I left New York for sunny Chandler, Arizona, I did have the opportunity to continue my coaching, personal & professional development, and corporate training in various forms.

Then I had a life changing experience in early October 2006. My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which is now in total remission. This was when I went from a casual interest in health to being laser focused! We had quite a journey and search, and we found the more we looked for help the more we found. We decided that because he was in a very early stage of prostate cancer, to take as natural an approach as possible to his healing. This involved a very positive change in diet, exercise and stress management, along with conventional medicine. It also meant that we, and particularly he, needed to make some major life style changes. Fortunately, with my background, we had the tools we needed to create a plan and stick to it. We also learned about the role a healthy lifestyle plays in prevention of disease. During my husbands healing process, I recognized how difficult it was for many people in similar situations to do the same, simply due to lack of resources and support. This is when I began the journey to found Arizona Health Coach, LLC.

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Through my confidential, compassionate and creative health coaching, my mission is to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle so they can follow their passion - Susan

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